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Israel and Palestine: Peace or Perpetual Conflict? (Debate between Akiva Tor and As’ad abu Khalil)

Posted in Debates, Videos by beyondtheborder on April 6, 2009

As’ad Abu Khalil’s account of the debate:

“As soon as it was my turn, I felt a rush. My voice was back in full force and I could sing Fayruz at that point. There was a woman who came with the diplomat and she was sitting in the front raw and after two minutes of my talk, I could see her squirm and look with sympathy at her Israeli colleague. I could not read her face but felt that she was telling him that “we did not expect this would happen.” But it happened, and As`ad was on a roll. I can’t tell you how I did but I can tell you that I really enjoyed the task and would do it at the drop of a hat, and would waive my speaking fee for it.”

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