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Palestinian Journalist Deported after waiting 36 hours in Cairo’s Airport

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 10, 2009

Laila Al-Hadid, author of the blog “Raising Yousif and Noor,” has been denied entry into Gaza, where she’s originally from. After waiting 36 hours in Cairo’s airport, they deported her and her two children back to the US. She communicated with the world through twitter and the web.

Since Laila’s visa for the US has ended, its likely that her family’s ordeal isn’t over. She was planning to renew her visa in Beirut, where she was going to meet her husband, a US citizen and a Palestinian refugee who is denied his right to return to Palestine by Israel. Before going to Beirut, Laila wanted to visit her home in Gaza. Since Israeli authorities have closed all points of entry to the Gaza Strip under its control, the only route to Gaza left for Laila is through the Egyptian side of Rafah. Rafah is also temporarily closed, and apparently Egyptian authorities have been claiming that they had orders not to allow Palestinian residents into the country as long as Rafah is closed. Laila is carrying a letter signed by the Egyptian consulate in the US explaining that she is travelling to renew her visa, but Egyptian authorities at Cairo airport are unimpressed. According to Laila, they told her “So sue him!”

Laila Al-Hadid and Family

Laila Al-Hadid and Family

From Laila Al-Hadid’s Twitter:

  1. thank you everyone for your support- I thought I could get in, I exhausted all options. They said I needed security clearance (to go home)
  2. i don’t think I have ever gone such a long stretch with no sleep. I am beginning to halluciate.
  3. getting ready for deportation trip back to US via London. should be interesting explaining this to US immigration. the saga continues. (
  4. i was asked by men in holding cell what I did to be in there, I said “I was born Palestinian” (
  5. favorite line by egyptian mockiccer: “honestly, we did not get any sleep over your orrdeal, we feel for you, really we do”
  6. unfortunately could not film there; though could have tried to hide my flip. oh well.
  7. I told everyone in the detention room I am the only one here because I cannot go home- you are all being deported home, I am denied home (
  8. then they said “its very uncomfortable isn’t it? we do’nt mind keeping you there you know” (
  9. took my laptop and cameras; everyone was called on by country; 5 south asians were “Pakistan”; Guneaian was “Kenya”; another was Indonesia (
  10. i was placed in a detention room with 17 others for 3 hours then taken to a room and asked “if that’s what I wanted for the forseable future (
  11. now talk of deporting us to the US tonight (

Click here to see her blog “Raising Yousif and Noor”.

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