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Email Threat against Pro-Palestinian University Student and Activist

Posted in Activism by beyondtheborder on April 18, 2009

We are outraged to learn that on April 6, Sana Javed, a leading activist, member of the Muslim Students’ Association and a candidate with the Student Power Party, received a threatening e-mail from a classmate urging her to “withdraw from Middle Eastern Politics class” because of the role Javed played in helping to organize last month’s Palestinian Solidarity Week. The e-mail stated that “if you don’t withdraw, things could potentially get nasty” as the classmate is “loosing [sic] my ability to control myself in relations to you.”

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  1. Mike Burch said, on August 22, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Dear Friends,

    I’m an American editor and publisher of Holocaust poetry who’s appalled at what I see happening to the Palestinians. But I have a new plan for peace through justice. Here’s my idea: we need a new UN resolution calling for Israel to unconditionally grant Jews and Palestinians equal human rights and access to fair laws and fair courts. The same courts. Of course the term “fair” must be defined, but suffice it to say that racially discriminatory laws and courts are patently unfair. The courts must be able to set legal precedents and should be subject to peer review by UN-appointed judges. Fair courts can protect the human rights of all individuals, while resolving disputes over land, property and water “organically” over time, if politicians can’t agree to eternal borders more quickly. The US can’t veto this new resolution, as it has so many prior UN resolutions, because it’s based on the American Creed. If Israel complies, peace through justice becomes possible. If Israel balks, all is not lost because UN-imposed economic sanctions can encourage Israelis to “vote their pocketbooks” (a worldwide democratic phenomenon) and elect new leaders amenable to peace. If you only think about my idea for a few minutes, I believe it will make sense to you. Our hands are not tied, because the Obama administration cannot and will not veto a UN resolution based on the American Creed. So please help me put this idea in the hands of people who can make it happen. All we need is one nation willing to propose a new UN resolution based on the American Creed of equal rights, fair laws and fair courts. We do not need the acquiescence of current Israeli leaders or American politicians. We only need to take matters into our own hands, and allow UN-imposed sanctions to encourage democratic reform of Israel, from within. Please help the cause of peace through justice by putting my idea in the best possible hands: those that can make it happen.


    Mike Burch

  2. beyondtheborder said, on August 22, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Hey Mike,

    I agree with you, but if only it was that simple. Israel has ignored tens (if not over 100) UN resolutions in the past. And as long as its not punished for doing so, it will continue to ignore UN resolutions. And if only it was easy to convince countries to sanction Israel – The United States just wouldn’t do it at this point. Student activists in north America are working really hard to convince their governments to sanction Israel.

  3. Mike Burch said, on August 22, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Hey beyondtheborder,

    Israel was only able to ignore so many UN resolutions because the US vetoed them, and there were no sanctions as a result.

    You say the US “just won’t do it” but any nation can propose a new UN resolution. The idea is to propose one the US can’t veto. How can the US veto the American Creed?

    If you’re a student, study the history of the region and ask “what would have happened if there had been a resolution that called only for human rights, not the creation of eternal borders in a day?”

    It’s hard to create eternal borders in a day. But human rights are self-evident.

    How can the US veto human rights?

    President Obama taught constitutional law. The American constitution is based on equal rights, fair laws and fair courts.

    Why go to every government individually, when we can go to them collectively, through the UN?

    My idea is simple, but not simplistic. And I believe its time has come.


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