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Gaza Strip militants fire Qassam rocket into western Negev

Posted in Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians by beyondtheborder on April 17, 2009

Palestinian militants in the central Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket into the western Negev early Friday. The rocket hit an open area in the Eshkol regional council.

The attack comes a day after the Israel Air Force destroyed a booby-trapped building near the Gaza Strip border fence in response to a rocket attack from Gaza on Wednesday night.

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Palestinian shot dead by residents after infiltrating settlement near Hebron

A knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist infiltrated a settlement south of Hebron on Friday morning, and was killed on the spot by residents before he could carry out an attack.

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According to reports, the man entered the community with the intent of stabbing local residents.

Two residents who were on security duty confronted the man and questioned him as to his purpose there. In response, the man brandished a knife and attempted to stab them. After a short scuffle, the attacker was shot and killed by one of the men. One of the residents was reportedly very lightly wounded by the terrorist.

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Palestinian Agriculture Ministry: Gaza fishing boat was not booby-trapped

Posted in Attacks on Fishermen, Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 15, 2009

The ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that Israel’s account of Monday’s events was a “trumped up story aimed at escalating aggression against fishermen” and “an excuse for piracy and destruction.”

The Agriculture Ministry said it spoke with eyewitnesses who swore the boat contained no explosives, and that it exploded only when an Israeli warship shelled it.

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Gaza: Boat explodes near Israeli warship

Posted in Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 15, 2009

A previously unknown Palestinian group blew up a small boat near an Israeli warship off the coast of Gaza on Tuesday evening.

Al-Jazeera satellite TV broadcasted a video showing a small boat exploding near the Israeli ship.

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Al Jazeera stated that a previously unknown group calling itself “The Secret Special Units” claimed responsibility for the attack.

The group said that it used a remote control to detonate the explosives while an Israeli Navy boat approached the wired boat.

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Booby-trapped boat explodes near Israeli ship

Posted in Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 14, 2009

A booby-trapped fishing boat yesterday exploded near an Israel Navy vessel off the northern Gaza coast, in a failed terror attack.

No one was wounded in the blast, which occurred about 300 meters from the Gaza coast, near the Israeli border.

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According to Gaza fisherman Nizar Ayyash, the small boat exploded after Israeli forces opened fire on it at sea; no injuries were reported in the strike.

Others in Gaza earlier said they had heard a “massive explosion” out at sea, but did not immediately know the cause.

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‘Axe attack’ group vows more attacks against Israel

Posted in Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, Axe Attack by beyondtheborder on April 11, 2009

The group said its future attacks would be “in response to the attacks carried out on Palestinians in the West Bank, particularly the Hebron village of Safa, Jerusalem, Gaza, and those inside Israel.”

The group added in a statement that [Israeli Chief of the General Staff Gabi] Ashkinazi’s threat to carry out a new strike on Gaza is evidence of their failure in the face of the steadfastness of the Palestinians.”

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