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Stranded patients, frustrated medical workers protest Rafah closure

Egypt insists that it will only open the crossing if Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reach an agreement to operate the crossing in accordance with the 2005 agreement.

The demonstrators waved flags and held banners of “we call on Egypt to save our lives,” “we call on all parties to avoid Rafah crossing from the political disputes,” “please help us to get our proper medical treatment.”

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Local sources said people carried banners calling for Egypt to open the crossing and  to keep it free of politics. The patients demanded that they be allowed to travel for treatment outside the Gaza Strip since the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza have left the hospitals there unable to treat many illnesses. According to the Department responsible for Borders and Crossings at least 700 Palestinian patients are waiting for the opening of the Rafah border crossing in order to access treatment outside the Strip.


Gazan children to be screened for long-term effects of white phosphorus smoke

The children, 300 from the Afaluna Society for Deaf Children and 700 associated with the Culture and Free Thought Association in Gaza will be screened with particular attention to the long-term effects of the use of white phosphorus weapons by Israel during its war against the Gaza Strip.

Children requiring follow-up treatment and medications will be seen by both Japanese and Jordanian doctors, who are supporting the initiative.

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Israeli settlers attack a Palestine Ambulance in Hebron old city

Posted in Beatings, Abuse and Killings, Medical Issues, Settler-Palestinian Clashes by beyondtheborder on April 12, 2009

The ambulance was moving a patient from the Hebron governmental hospital to her home in Ash-Shuhada Street when the attack occurred, Head of Ambulance and Emergency Services for the Red Crescent Abed Al-Haleem Al-Ja’afra said. The Israeli army was aware that the ambulance would be crossing the normally closed area, and had okayed the move.

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Witnesses said that as soon as the ambulance arrived, the settlers attacked it with stones, they added that Israeli troops who were in the area did not stop the settlers and even protected them.

The Red Crescent Society added that the patient was moved to alocal hospital but still waiting an army permission to go back home.

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1600 detainees need medical attention

Posted in Arrests, Detentions, Kidnappings, Medical Issues by beyondtheborder on April 8, 2009

There are 16 detainees who use wheelchairs and crutches, 80 detainees who are diabetic, two bind detainees, 40 detainees who were shot prior to their arrest and still have fragments in their bodies, in addition to 14 detainees who are permanently at the Al Ramla Prison Hospital which lacks the basic equipments.

Dozens of detainees became sick and wounded due to extreme torture during interrogation, as they were subjected to physical abuse and are placed in tiny, cold and dark cells that are filled with humidity.

Other sorts of torture used by Israel are forcing the detainees to stand for extended periods, and subjecting them to streams of very cold wind, in addition to tying them to chairs for long periods with their hands tied behind their backs and heads bent down or forced back.

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