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Poll: Palestinians lack confidence in leadership, yearn for unity

Posted in Adminstration and Government, Internal Palestinian Affairs, Polls by beyondtheborder on April 1, 2009

Only a third of Palestinians still support a two-state resolution to their struggle, and only a slim majority want an end to projectile attacks from the Gaza Strip. Nine out of ten have no confidence that the current ceasefire in Gaza will hold.

Showing a desire for reconciliation, an overwhelming 72% support Fatah and Hamas holding joint negotiations with Israel. Fully 76% want Hamas to be included in the PLO, and more than 90% want Hamas and Fatah to form a national consensus government.

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UN: 70% of Palestinian youth oppose violence to resolve conflict with Israel

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, Polls by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

The study also found out that more than 80 percent of young Palestinians are depressed, and 47 percent identify themselves as Muslim rather than Palestinian. It found that 39 percent were “extremely” depressed and 42 percent were depressed by their conditions. Depression was more marked in the Gaza Strip where 55 per cent said they were “extremely” depressed.

When asked to define their identity, 47 percent identified themselves as Muslims, 28 per cent as Palestinians, 14 percent as humans and 10 per cent as Arabs.

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Haaretz poll: 54% of public dissatisfied with new government

Posted in Government, Internal Israeli Affairs, Polls by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

The problem could also be the friction that accompanied the government’s formation; two key cabinet members are suffering embarrassingly low support ratings. Netanyahu, who dreamed for a decade about returning to the Prime Minister’s Bureau, will have to work hard and fast to show he is productive. The most striking result of the Haaretz-Dialog poll, conducted under Prof. Camil Fuchs of the statistics department at Tel Aviv University, is the extent of the public’s dissatisfaction with the new government. Less than a third of those surveyed said they are satisfied with Netanyahu’s government. More than half, 54 percent, are dissatisfied with the new government.

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