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West Bank tourists can get visas if they visit Israel, too

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on August 24, 2009

The Interior Ministry promised the Tourism Ministry last week that tourists who declare that they intend to enter only the Palestinian Authority will have their passports stamped “Palestinian Authority only,” while tourists who declare they intend to visit both Israel and the Palestinian Authority will have their passports stamped with a regular B2 tourist visa, according to an internal memo from a senior Tourism Ministry official.

The memo, written in English, was circulated on August 20 by Tourism Ministry senior deputy director general Raphael Ben-Hur to senior ministry officials.

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Amira Hass: Fatah’s gauntlet

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on August 19, 2009

If the results have been so disastrous, why are they not discussed openly? It is hard to hold a debate on the weapons fantasy when thousands of families have lost loved ones because of it. It is hard to hold such a debate when thousands of Palestinians have paid with their freedom, including many who never held a gun. It is hard to hold such a debate when people who participated in this fantasy have been elected to Fatah’s central committee. Moreover, such a debate might have addressed the way senior Fatah members used the “armed struggle” to divert public criticism of the PA and its failures, and salvage Fatah’s prestige as a liberation movement.

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Hamas agrees to probe deaths of alleged Israel collaborators

Posted in Beatings and Abuse by beyondtheborder on April 14, 2009

On March 16, the family was informed that Jaradat had died. According to a human rights council field worker and a lawyer, the body had bruises on the head, neck and limbs. A week later, the authorities announced the death of another detainee: 19-years-old Gameel Nassar Asaaf, arrested on suspicion of theft by Gaza City police on March 9. He was detained at the Tufach police station for three days, and then transferred to Shifa hospital in a comatose state and suffering kidney failure. A human rights council field worker visited him before his death and found bruises on him as well.

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UNRWA threatens to fire Gaza employees with declared Hamas, Fatah loyalties

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

Following an internal election within UNRWA, the agency’s management has warned it may fire employees who violated the organization’s nonpartisan policy by affiliating with political factions in Gaza – namely Fatah and Hamas.

The warning came as the election for the chairmanship of UNRWA trade union ended Monday. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East is a major source of employment in Gaza.

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Amira Hass: Rule now, liberate later

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, Opinion Pieces by beyondtheborder on March 30, 2009

If they really aspired to liberation, the two Palestinian leaderships would break a few rules in the Oslo game. They would give up the process of Western-style elections, which is essentially divisive. They would find other means of expressing differences and consensus, and also of encouraging public discourse concerning all the methods of liberation that have failed so far.

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Amira Hass: Time to believe Gaza war crimes allegations

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 24, 2009

Ashkenazi, like other Israelis, could have read the Red Cross’ protest during the offensive, that the IDF prevented medical teams from reaching wounded Palestinians by shooting at them. He or his aides could have gone to the Web site set up by Israeli human rights organizations, which was full of reports and testimonies. “


Rights group: IDF killed 16 medical workers during Gaza op

Posted in News Excerpts, Operation Cast Lead by beyondtheborder on March 23, 2009

It said Israel attacked 34 medical care facilities, including eight hospitals. The report also raises questions of whether IDF soldiers violated the IDF’s own ethical code and basic humanitarian values, when they prevented treatment and the evacuation of the wounded and fired at emergency rescue teams and Palestinian medical facilities.”


IDF soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers, note says

Posted in News Excerpts, Operation Cast Lead by beyondtheborder on March 22, 2009

“Rules of Engagement: Open fire also upon rescue,” was handwritten in Hebrew on a sheet of paper found in one of the Palestinian homes the Israel Defense Forces took over during Operation Cast Lead. A reservist officer who did not take part in the Gaza offensive believes that the note is part of orders a low-level commander wrote before giving his soldiers their daily briefing.”


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