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Twitter makes detention of Palestinian journalist breaking news

Posted in Arrests and Detentions, Internal Palestinian Affairs by beyondtheborder on April 9, 2009

“I’m recording my ordeal with my flip mini,” Palestinian journalist Laila Al-Hadid told friends and relatives who subscribe to her Twitter service shortly after she was detained at the Cairo airport en route to her native Gaza.

News of her detention and questioning was made instantly available to the international news media via three technological innovations spurring instant communication: wireless internet at the airport, Twitter, and

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Excerpt From her blog “Raising Yousif and Noor”:

We have been stuck in Cairo airport for nearly a day now. We are neither being allowed entry or exit by Egyptian authorities, who insist that as long as Rafah Crossing is closed, they are under strict orders not to allow Palestinians in.

This is despite a signed letter of consent I received personally from the Egyptian consul-general in Washington the day of my travel from the US.

To quote the Egyptian officials here in the airport “so sue him”.

I tried to plead that it was not my fault Egypt was in the way of my home- that if I could,I’d parachute in; that i simply wanted to go back home.

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Three Safa homes taken over as military posts; settlers decide not to retaliate after “axe attack”

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on April 3, 2009

In Safa village Israeli troops occupied three homes and declared them military posts. Several bulldozers blocked off entrances to the village, cutting it off totally from its lands and neighboring villages as the Israeli manhunt for the “axe attacker” continues.

Safa residents have lived under curfew for 24 hours as troops patrol the streets and raid homes. The residences of Ahmad Ismael Kokas, Ghazi Ahmad Ady, and Isam Ibrahim Ady have been taken over and at least six others suffered damage as troops burst through doors or smashed windows. Villagers say at least 28 have been detained and are being held in an unknown location.

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