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B’tselem Report: The Gaza Strip – One Big Prison

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on August 19, 2009
The situation in the Gaza Strip grows increasingly dire: violence between Palestinian factions, ongoing Israeli military operations, and crushing poverty and despair. In this grim reality, there are no quick solutions for peace and prosperity. Some things are clear, however: Despite the so-called “disengagement” in August 2005 and the recent internal violence, the Gaza Strip remains subject to Israeli control. In fact, Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into the largest prison on earth, while at the same time renouncing responsibility for the lives and welfare of its residents. This publication surveys the various spheres of Israeli control in the Gaza Strip, and the implications of this control. So long as Israel retains extensive control over Gaza, it cannot disengage from its responsibility. It also documents the missile fire by Palestinians in Gaza into Israeli towns. Israelis and Palestinians all have the basic right to live in safety and dignity, and the international community has a crucial role to play in ensuring that these rights are respected.


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