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Hamas agrees to probe deaths of alleged Israel collaborators

Posted in Beatings and Abuse by beyondtheborder on April 14, 2009

On March 16, the family was informed that Jaradat had died. According to a human rights council field worker and a lawyer, the body had bruises on the head, neck and limbs. A week later, the authorities announced the death of another detainee: 19-years-old Gameel Nassar Asaaf, arrested on suspicion of theft by Gaza City police on March 9. He was detained at the Tufach police station for three days, and then transferred to Shifa hospital in a comatose state and suffering kidney failure. A human rights council field worker visited him before his death and found bruises on him as well.

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Poll: Palestinians lack confidence in leadership, yearn for unity

Posted in Adminstration and Government, Internal Palestinian Affairs, Polls by beyondtheborder on April 1, 2009

Only a third of Palestinians still support a two-state resolution to their struggle, and only a slim majority want an end to projectile attacks from the Gaza Strip. Nine out of ten have no confidence that the current ceasefire in Gaza will hold.

Showing a desire for reconciliation, an overwhelming 72% support Fatah and Hamas holding joint negotiations with Israel. Fully 76% want Hamas to be included in the PLO, and more than 90% want Hamas and Fatah to form a national consensus government.

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