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Palestinian Agriculture Ministry: Gaza fishing boat was not booby-trapped

Posted in Attacks on Fishermen, Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 15, 2009

The ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that Israel’s account of Monday’s events was a “trumped up story aimed at escalating aggression against fishermen” and “an excuse for piracy and destruction.”

The Agriculture Ministry said it spoke with eyewitnesses who swore the boat contained no explosives, and that it exploded only when an Israeli warship shelled it.

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Israeli gunboats open fire at Gazans fishermen, no injuries

Posted in Attacks on Fishermen, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 12, 2009

The Israeli navy opened fire on Sunday morning at the Palestinian fishermen along the coast of Gaza in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources said.

The sources added that the Israeli gunboats targeted the boats of the Gazans fishermen north of Gaza, no injuries or damages were reported.


‘The Israelis Attack us Every Day’

Posted in Beatings, Abuse and Killings by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

Saber Al-Hissie comes from a Gazan family of fishermen. His 20 metre vessel belongs to his father, who, after many years of fishing, has finally passed the family business over to Saber. There are more than 3,500 professional fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and the majority of them live in and around Gaza City, where the main harbour is located. The Al-Hissie family, like most of the other Gaza city fishermen, live in the sprawling refugee camp, known locally as the Beach Camp, near Gaza harbour.

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