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Hamas: Fatah raids disrupting talks

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on June 10, 2009

“What is happening in the West Bank cannot be accepted,” Khaled Meshaal said on Tuesday after meeting Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian intelligence chief.

“We will pursue our policy in co-operating with the Egyptian efforts to reach a real reconciliation, but the most difficult obstacle hampering reaching a Palestinian reconciliation is what is happening in the West Bank,” he said.

Meshaal’s comments to the Cairo-based Arab League came after raids were launched across the Israeli-occupied territory by Fatah, led by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president.

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Norman Finkelstein: Foiling Another Palestinian “Peace Offensive”: Behind the bloodbath in Gaza

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 26, 2009

Early speculation on the motive behind Israel’s slaughter in Gaza that began on 27 December 2008 and continued till 18 January 2009 centered on the upcoming elections in Israel. The jockeying for votes was no doubt a factor in this Sparta-like society consumed by “revenge and the thirst for blood,”[1] where killing Arabs is a sure crowd-pleaser. (Polls during the war showed that 80-90 percent of Israeli Jews supported it.)[2] But as Israeli journalist Gideon Levy pointed out on Democracy Now!, “Israel went through a very similar war…two-and-a-half years ago [in Lebanon], when there were no elections.”[3] When crucial state interests are at stake, Israeli ruling elites seldom launch major operations for narrowly electoral gains. It is true that Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s decision to bomb the Iraqi OSIRAK reactor in 1981 was an electoral ploy, but the strategic stakes in the strike on Iraq were puny; contrary to widespread belief, Saddam Hussein had not embarked on a nuclear weapons program prior to the bombing.[4] The fundamental motives behind the latest Israeli attack on Gaza lie elsewhere: (1) in the need to restore Israel’s “deterrence capacity,” and (2) in the threat posed by a new Palestinian “peace offensive.”

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