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Booby-trapped boat explodes near Israeli ship

Posted in Attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 14, 2009

A booby-trapped fishing boat yesterday exploded near an Israel Navy vessel off the northern Gaza coast, in a failed terror attack.

No one was wounded in the blast, which occurred about 300 meters from the Gaza coast, near the Israeli border.

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According to Gaza fisherman Nizar Ayyash, the small boat exploded after Israeli forces opened fire on it at sea; no injuries were reported in the strike.

Others in Gaza earlier said they had heard a “massive explosion” out at sea, but did not immediately know the cause.

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‘The Israelis Attack us Every Day’

Posted in Beatings, Abuse and Killings by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

Saber Al-Hissie comes from a Gazan family of fishermen. His 20 metre vessel belongs to his father, who, after many years of fishing, has finally passed the family business over to Saber. There are more than 3,500 professional fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and the majority of them live in and around Gaza City, where the main harbour is located. The Al-Hissie family, like most of the other Gaza city fishermen, live in the sprawling refugee camp, known locally as the Beach Camp, near Gaza harbour.

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