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Egyptian security arrests 40 persons accused of gathering support for Hezbollah and Hamas

Posted in Arrests and Detentions, Internal Palestinian Affairs by beyondtheborder on April 8, 2009

Egyptian sources reported that the Egyptian police arrested 40 Lebanese, Egyptian and Palestinian nationals, including Arab residents of Israel, accused of aiding Hezbollah and of gathering financial support for Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

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Montasser al-Zayat, the defendants’ lawyer, told Al Jazeera on Wednesday that he was notified of the arrests after receiving a phone call from the family of Hani Sami Shihab, one of the detainees, saying that he had been taken by security forces and that they were unaware of the charges.

“I began to follow up the case in which seven of the 1948-Arabs [Palestinian Israelis] were arrested. Then information followed [of] Egyptian young men on charges of supporting members of Hezbollah to deliver aid and funds to Hamas and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,” al-Zayat said.

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UN: 70% of Palestinian youth oppose violence to resolve conflict with Israel

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, Polls by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009

The study also found out that more than 80 percent of young Palestinians are depressed, and 47 percent identify themselves as Muslim rather than Palestinian. It found that 39 percent were “extremely” depressed and 42 percent were depressed by their conditions. Depression was more marked in the Gaza Strip where 55 per cent said they were “extremely” depressed.

When asked to define their identity, 47 percent identified themselves as Muslims, 28 per cent as Palestinians, 14 percent as humans and 10 per cent as Arabs.

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Har Adar banning movement of Palestinians

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 24, 2009

“Palestinian laborers are forbidden to walk around the community of Har Adar in the Jerusalem corridor. They are allowed to work, but cannot simply roam the area. This is the local council’s policy.

Some 600 Palestinian workers arrived every morning at Har Adar, a community located beyond the Green Line which accommodates many military and security officials.

The laborers are forbidden to move on foot in the community, and are even not allowed to shop at the local grocery store. They must ask their employer to take care of their needs or drive them wherever they wish to go.”