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Israel gets India’s order for advanced surface-to-air missiles

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on August 24, 2009

The Israeli government-owned Rafael defense company has secured a one-billion-USD deal to sell advanced surface-to-air missiles to the Indian Armed Forces, local daily The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.

Under the deal approved last week by the Indian cabinet, Rafael will supply 18 Spyder mobile missile systems by 2012, said the report, adding that Israel overtook Russia as the main supplier of defense systems to India last year.

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Russian Jews ponder age-old question: Israel or the U.S.?

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on August 19, 2009

Leon (Lunia) Gayer, 33, and English teacher, has been living in Brooklyn for 16 years. “We had an aunt who joined one of the first waves of immigration to Israel. Grandma used to correspond with her in Yiddish. I began studying Hebrew when I was still in Odessa, but we decided to come to New York because they said that in Israel you must serve in the army and the Russian experience with the military has not been too great. One relative told us we were crazy even to consider Israel, where he said they live in mud huts …. Here I remained quite Russian, because in America there is no pressure to give up your previous culture and identity. Because of this approach, the link to tradition comes from a more correct place, without pressure and coercion.”

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Russia signs deal to buy Israeli drones

Posted in Internal Israeli Affairs, Israel and the International Community by beyondtheborder on April 10, 2009

Russian media have reported the deal is worth about $50 million and that Russia will buy the drones from Israel’s largest defence firm, state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). IAI officials declined to comment.

Russia’s five-day war with neighbouring Georgia last August exposed a Soviet-style army with obsolete equipment and a lack of spy drones and high-precision bombs, analysts said.

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He added that Russia wanted to study the technology of the drones in an effort to improve its own pilotless planes, which came under criticism during the Georgia conflict.

Mr Popovkin said Russia had used a Tipchak drone during the fighting with Georgia, but that it had “very many problems”, RIA-Novosti reported.

“You could hear it flying from 100km away,” RIA-Novosti quoted him as saying. “It returned all shot up.”

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Russia to donate weapons to PA

Posted in Internal Palestinian Affairs, Palestine and the International Community by beyondtheborder on April 8, 2009

Russia will provide the Palestinian Authority with a shipment of light arms, armored personnel carriers, and two helicopters in a move designed to bolster the Palestinian Security forces, Russian media reported.

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Abbas pressured to reinstate ambassador to Russia

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on April 6, 2009
Afif Safieh

Afif Safieh

The Coalition of Jerusalem Organizations and the Coalition of Christian organizations in Palestine issued a joint call on Saturday urging the president to reinstate Safieh.

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US army: Israel has 200 to 400 nuclear warheads

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 29, 2009

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of its own nuclear arsenal, but page 37 of the US Joint Forces Command report recognizes the fact, putting it in the same group as Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Russia, along with an “emerging Iran,” Taiwan, and Japan having “the capability to develop nuclear weapons quickly.”

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