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Abe Hayeem: Boycott this Israeli settlement builder

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on April 30, 2009

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office must be commended for its decision to cancel renting premises for the UK embassy in Tel Aviv from the company Africa-Israel, owned by Israeli businessman and settlement builder Lev Leviev. This is an encouraging step that should now be backed by stronger sanctions against the building of the separation wall and the building of illegal settlements by Israel. Furthermore, the governments of Norway and Dubai should emulate the example set by the UK and sever their relationships with Leviev’s companies.

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Reuters journalist among two injured at anti-wall protest

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on April 3, 2009

One of the injured journalists, photographer Sa’ed Hawwari, works for the UK-based Reuters news agency, according to protest organizer Iyad Burnat in a telephone interview with Ma’an. He was taken to a hospital in Ramallah after suffering a gunshot in the leg, presumably from a rubber-coated bullet.

Dozens were injured by tear gas that was fired on the demonstrators as they approached the separation barrier near the village.

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