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Amnesty: Israel violated laws of war in Gaza

Posted in 1 by beyondtheborder on May 28, 2009

“Israeli forces repeatedly breached the laws of war, including by carrying out direct attacks on civilians and civilian buildings and attacks targeting Palestinian militants that caused a disproportionate toll among civilians,” the group said in its annual report on the state of human rights worldwide.

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Wounded adults and children of the Samouni and Daya families in the Zeitoun neighbourhood of Gaza City were left among their dead relatives’ bodies in collapsed houses for four days as the ICRC and Palestine Red Crescent Society were denied access to the area by the Israeli army from 3 to 7 January 2009. Of 110 people sheltering in the houses, 30 had been killed. The ICRC said that the Israeli soldiers stationed nearby must have known of the people in the houses but that the wounded died as they waited for medical care due to the slow negotiations for access.

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150 thousand Gazans still without tap water

Posted in Humanitarian Crisis, The Gaza Strip by beyondtheborder on April 8, 2009

Monther Shoblak, director-general of the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, estimates that 50,000 people lack tap water after losing their homes and that a further 100,000 have no running water because of damage caused to the water network. Six wells were completely destroyed in the bombing campaign and another eleven are not functioning.

Severe bombing damage to waste-water treatment plants in the Beit Hanoun and Zeitoun areas of Gaza City have added to the difficulties. For 20 nearly three weeks untreated raw sewage was discharged into the surrounding land, contaminating groundwater.

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Gazan women face rise in abuse

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 31, 2009
Insharar al-Atar (second left) says she forgives her husband for his aggression because she knows what he is going through

Insharar al-Atar (second left) says she forgives her husband for his aggression because she knows what he is going through

He has beaten her so badly she has problems with her eyes, her teeth and her shoulder.

She says he grabs her by her long hair and drags her around before hitting her. He is also violent with her three children, aged five, three and nine months. Baby Ahmad lies asleep in her arms as we sit talking in a small room at the women’s clinic.

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Sahar (who wanted her family name omitted), aged 36, divorced her husband in February due to the physical and psychological abuse she endured leading up to and during the war. “He beat me severely and I was fainting from the stress,” said Sahar.

“He forced me to engage in sexual intercourse against my will.” Sahar brings her two-year-old daughter to the Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) to visit the daughter’s father.

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Gaza witness: IDF troops told us ‘Go south or you’ll get shot’

Posted in Miscellaneous by beyondtheborder on March 27, 2009

When Israel Defense Forces soldiers expelled Abir Hijeh, her five children and their neighbors from homes in a Gaza war zone, she said they warned her in broken Arabic: Go south or you might get shot.

The group went the wrong way and came under fire from Israeli soldiers. Hijeh was wounded and her 2-year-old daughter was killed.”

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